Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reasons to write on PC Troubleshoot World

I have been working in the IT Support at Pune. It is my 2nd job at Pune. Shifts over shifts, work is going on. Someone call me - the reason is OutLook is not working, where one can called me to look into the profile related and server and network related problems. As the days gone, my experience increased but somewhere I feel that the work I am doing right now and in the past must be documented so as it helps to someone at some extent. I don't know how much it will helpful for you guys. But I am sure it 100% worth for whom those are related to this IT Support.

Guys, Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving most often applied to system repair. It is a logical, systematic search for the source of a problem so that it can be solved, and so the system can be made operational again. Troubleshooting is needed to develop and maintain complex systems where the groundses of a problem can have many possible causes. Troubleshooting is used in many fields such as system administration, electronics, automotive repair, and diagnostic medicine. Troubleshooting requires identification of the malfunction(s) or symptoms within a system. Then, experience is commonly used to generate possible causes of the symptoms. Finding out which cause is most likely is often a process of liquidation - eliminating potential causes of a problem. Finally, troubleshooting requires confirmation that the solution restores the system to a desired state.

In general, troubleshooting is the identification of, or diagnosis of "trouble" in a system caused by a system failure of some sort. The problem is initially described as symptoms of malfunction, and troubleshooting is the process of determining the causes of these symptoms.

Here I am trying to place all the problems and troubleshootings steps related to system, server and network. So, please keep in touch and watch numerous problems and its solutions at PC Troubleshoot World.

Bye for now!!!

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