Friday, April 27, 2012

Differences between LED and LCD display

There are mainly two types of displays are famous in people. One is LED and another LCD. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes display and LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. Now a day’s peoples are confuse to decide which type of display is a good. That’s why I decided to publish the basic differences between LED and LCD displays.
LED TV is the newer modification of all current available displays.
Difference between LED and LCD display
-LED displays have better contrast ratio as compare to the LCD display.
-LCD display is unable to produce the dark areas of the images on the screen. Because of this, there is a loss of image quality. Whereas LED displays produces better black areas which in turn produces better contrast and clearer image.
-Color accuracy of LED display is very good than LCD.
-LED displays have much larger viewing angle as compare to LCD.
-LCD display beyond 30 degree angle from the center, the contrast ratio of the image start to diminish.
-LCD displays are available in the size range from 15inches to 65 inches whereas LED displays are available between 17inches and 70inches.
-Here in case of power consumption LED display consume more power than LCD display.
Above are the differences between LED and LCD display. Now it’s your choice which you selects both of one. It’s totally depending on your budget and requirement. LED is quite expensive the LCD display.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ITIL ( IT Infrastructure Library)

ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library. ITIL was developed by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA). It is a set of comprehensive and iter-related codes of practice. Such code of good practice is very useful in terms of achieving the efficient support and delivery. Its main asset is independency.

ITIL is accredited by Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB). ISEB is an organization which prepares delegates for the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. The ISEB was formed in 1967 and currently functions under the support of the British Computer Society (BCS). The ISEB aims to provide industry-recognized qualification that measure skill, ability and performance in many areas of information systems.

EXIN is another organization which provides ITIL examination. IT is an independent organization, Dutch-based IT examination provider. EXIN establishes educational requirements, develops and organize examinations in the field of Information Technology.
ITIL Foundation Certification is a first step to start the career in ITIL. This foundation certification is a gateway for the next certificates: practitioner and manager.
- It is multiple choice exam (only one answer is correct)
- It is a1 hour exam.
- Minimum passing score should be 26 out of 40 points.

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