Thursday, February 5, 2009


Microsoft Disk Operating System is a command line user interface. Firstly introduced in 1981 for IBM computers. It was lastly updated in 1994 when MS-DOS 6.22 was released. Now a day the command shell is using for Microsoft Windows. 

Microsoft DOS History.

MSDOS 1.0 was released in August, 1981.

MSDOS 1.25 was released in August, 1982.

MSDOS 2.0 was released in March, 1983.

Microsoft introduces MSDOS 3.0 for the IBM PC AT and MS-DOS 3.1 for networks.

MSDOS 3.2 was released in April, 1986.

MSDOS 3.3 was released in April, 1987.

MSDOS 4.0 was released in July, 1988.

MSDOS 4.01 was released in November, 1988.

MSDOS 5.0 was released in June, 1991.

MSDOS 6.0 was released in August, 1993.

MSDOS 6.2 was released in November, 1993

MSDOS 6.21 was released in March, 1994

MSDOS 6.22 was released in April, 1994

Some MSDOS Commands.

DIR -- List The Directories.

CD -- Change the Directory.

MD -- Make the Directory.

RD -- Remove the Directory.

DEL -- Delete the files.

COPY -- Copy the files from source to destination folder.

EDIT -- Edit the file.

REN -- Rename the file or folder.

CLS -- Clear the Screen.

FORMAT -- Format the disk or drives.



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