Thursday, May 17, 2012

Different between win XP and win 7

Most of the time this question has asked by interviewer. Many of the peoples are unable to answer it. So below article is helpful for those.

Windows XP was one of the successful operating system released by the Microsoft Company. Its features are more user friendly than previous operating system. There is a concept BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) in previous version of operating system. The Win XP brought up with rectification BSOD error.

Win 7 is successful operating system after win XP. Windows vista did not sell in market due to its drawbacks. Then win 7 version has released. It has implemented more graphical components and most attractive operating system now. Its GUI component is good and startup/shutdown is fast.

There is no necessity for the drivers to be installed in windows 7 but it requires in Windows XP

The Kernel of windows 7 is very good when compared to the Windows XP.

The windows defender in Windows 7 provides maximum security to the operating system but in Windows XP doesn’t have this future.

Outlook Express is removed from Windows 7 and replaced with Windows Mail.

The Documents and Settings folder has been replaced with Users folders.

Windows 7 is the first operating system from the software giant to natively support touch as a computer interface.

Below table shows you comparison between win XP and win 7.

Win XP has limited support from Microsoft, which has briefly explained in the below table.


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